Biomass Power Generation
Biomass power generation is a kind of renewable energy power generation of using biomass energy, which including direct combustion or gasification power generation of agriculture and forestry waste plant, garbage burning power generation, and biogas power generation. Kaishan direction expansion unit, ORC unit and cascaded unit can be used for this field.

Abiomass power plant case is listed as follows:

Project Location:The Philippine Buluan Biomass Power Plant
Heat Source:1) 226℃&30t/h saturated steam. 2) 115℃& 4.3t/h saturated steam.
Project Introduction:For heat source 1, three stages direct expansion power generation units is used with total rate power 3.11MW and net power 2.5MW; for heat source 2, an ORC unit is used with rate power 0.4MW and net power 0.25MW.

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