Geothermal Power Generation
Geothermal energy is continuous renewable energy. Geothermal power plant is one kind of energy transformation process, which converts underground thermal energy to mechanical energy and then convert the mechanical energy to electric energy. Kaishan first put forward “ONE WELL, ONE PLANT®” - decentralized geothermal power plant concept, and develop mature application technology and solution. As a solution customized and optimized for one well port or several close well ports, this technology will definitely maximize the energy utilization efficiency, and coupled with Kaishan efficient cascade power generation technology, the power plant thermal efficiency will be much higher.

Characteristics of “ONE WELL, ONE PLANT®” are as follows:

  Even one single production well could generate power, no waste wells, every production well could be used.
  Could be equipped near the well port, almost no energy loss, and the cost of the electrical wires is lower compared with the pipeline which feeds into the central power plant.
  Use customized and optimized solutions for different energy levels production wells, with maximized net output power and thermal efficiency.
  Kaishan Patent hybrid cycles and Cascade technologies shall be used to consume the energy from both the steam and brine.
  Short construction period, 6-7 months later, the geothermal power plant is on gird.
  Low initial investment, generate revenue quickly, and use the generated revenue to finance the new development.



Application case of Kaishan geothermal power generation is shown as follows:

Project Location:America Alaska Chena geothermal hot springs village
Heat Source:Geothermal water temperature: 82℃; Return water temperature 65℃
Project Introduction:According to the geothermal conditions, single stage ORC power plant is used in this project. The capacity is 400kW and net output power is 312kW. Geothermal hot water flow into evaporator in the ORC system directly, and then pre-heater. Hot water heat R245fa into high temperature & high pressure vapor in the heat exchanger, after that the vapor will flow into screw expander, drive the expander to output mechanical energy and then drive the generator to output electric energy to the grid.
Considering that the local temperature is low and river water is available, water cooled condenser is chosen in this application to improve the thermal efficiency.
The whole unit is modularized package design using container size, which is continent to transport.


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