Industry Waste Heat Power Generation
Industry waste heat accounts for 17% - 67% of fuel consumption, but only 60% of the total waste heat resource can be recovered. Kaishan ORC screw expander power plant is suitable to recover industry waste heat directly or indirectly e.g. hot water, hot oil, steam, engine jacket water/exhausted gas and gas-turbine exhausted gas, and finally convert into electricity. According to heat resource gather mode, Kaishan ORC screw expander power plant is categorized as direct recovery ORC unit and indirect recovery ORC unit. It can also be categorized as hot water ORC, steam ORC and other ORC according to different waste heat resource type.

A Kaishan ORC screw expander power plant case is described as follows:

Project Location:Sinopec Beijing Yanshan Company
Heat Source:Gasoline, 135℃in&70℃out, mass flow rate: 125t/h
Project Introduction:A single loop ORC power plant was chosen. Gasoline is led to evaporator & preheater in order to provide heat to R245fa, produce saturated R245fa gas with high temperature & high pressure. The gas go into expander and drives the generator to deliver power. Power plant is in parallel with the original air cooled condenser from customer. If ordinary maintenance or emergency shut-down happens, gasoline is transferred to air cooled condenser for cooling. 

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