Industry Waste Pressure Power Generation

Industry Waste Pressure Power Generation

Industry waste pressure mainly include high-pressure process gas and saturated or superheat steam with pressure in steel and chemical factory. Currently, these gas or steam pressure is decreased to required value through pressure reducing value, which waste pressure energy. Kaishan direct expansion screw power generation unit can recover the pressure energy and convert it to electricity energy through a generator, which can bring good benefit for customer.

Direct expansion power generation unit can be divided into back pressure type unit and condensing type unit. Asynchronous or synchronous generator is used for power output. It can be divided into steam type unit or gas type unit according to working medium. 






An application case is shown as follows::

Project Location:Jiangsu Chengxing Phosphorus Chemical
Heat Source:30barA & 50t/h saturated steam. 20~25t/h & 12 barA need be used for manufacture process
Project Introduction:Three stages direct expansion power generation units is used. Total rate power 5.5MW and net power 4.4MW







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